Alex Granger

Alex Granger is a Global Speaker, Think-Shifter, and founder and CEO of The Possibility of You, a specialist people development firm. The consummate speaker, Alex Granger, delivers key critical messages to more than 25 000 people annually, inspiring individuals to accomplish their dreams and goals, whilst assisting businesses to charter a new and more profitable course.

As a key resource for conferences, strategic sessions, development training and business interventions, he has the ability to shift thinking, present new insights and to diffuse complexity.

He qualified in Executive Leadership (ELDP) from the Gordon’s Institute of Business Science, with a distinction in leadership, and he is also a certified NLP coach.

So why consider Alex for your next event?

Alex has worked his way up from being a driver in a car rental company to Sales Director. He shares real insights of the real business world, and not simply theoretical lessons. 

When you book Alex for your next event, you are assured of:

  • Integrity and professionalism in every aspect.
  • Current, relevant content that will educate and empower and inspire your audience.
  • 20 years of sales and leadership experience and lessons in the corporate environment.
  • A dynamic and energetic presentation style to keep your audience engaged.
  • An authentic, sincere and forward-thinking speaker.
  • A speaker who will challenge your audience, and who will move them from their comfort zone into new possibilities.

Alex Granger is a leadership and personal development expert, helping individuals increase their effectiveness. 

Some of his presentations are:

  • (In)Credible Leadership: Leading and Influencing People
  • Future Leadership Unlocked
  • The Last Maverick
  • Fit For Purpose: The Will To Win
  • The Performance Code
  • In Pursuit of The Deal (Sales)

Alex Granger

If you are looking for the consummate Master of Ceremonies, exceptional Conference Facilitator/Program Director, or knowledgeable Moderator, then Alex Granger is that person.

Combining 20 years business experience, his professional speaking expertise and understanding the needs of the client will make Alex a speakers are comfortable and fully briefed on their role, and he will also connect the theme from speaker to speaker to ensure that the message and key outcome of your event is achieved. 

Attendees need to remain engaged and energised throughout the event, and he uses his dynamic personality, eloquence, and inspirational character to keep the atmosphere charged.

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