Andy Golding

Andy Golding is an employee experience specialist and co-founder of Still Human. Her primary focus and area of impact is businesses relevance in a rapidly changing world. To achieve this she works with companies to craft and build cultures that are always innovation ready as well as designing employee experience to ensure that people are being switched on and grown.

She assists companies and leaders in businesses across diverse sectors from start-ups to established, century old organisations to become places where the best talent wants to work, chooses to come to and where they thrive.

Andy has personal experience working in awful work environments as well as awesome work environments across various sectors from performing arts to strategy. She became fascinated with the impact of employee experience creates on performance, retention and business execution capability and this fascination led her to embark on a massive research exercise that included spending time inside some of the best companies to work for both locally and abroad.

The findings thereof, combined with her personal experience working in different environments, culminated in her starting a business focused on company culture and employee experience. This was later merged into Still Human.

A keen researcher, blogger, speaker and facilitator Andy has written for and continues to contribute to many publications at the forefront of business,  human capital and employee experience design. Andy regularly speaks to audiences across industries on a variety of topics within the theme of Relevance,  and facilitates for teams across the organisational hierarchy on creating exceptional culture and employee experience.

Andy Golding was also named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s ‘50 Top South African Business Women to Watch’ in 2018 and is the co-author of  We Are Still Human (and work shouldn’t suck).

Topics Covered
  • The importance of company culture
  • Employee experience design
  • Igniting talent in the 4th industrial revolution
  • Better humaning in a world gone digital crazy
  • Ensuring people are being switched on and grown vs switched off and depleted
  • The art and science of creating a Company Behaving Awesomely
  • Human capital and creating work environments where the best talent thrives

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