Billy Selekane

Billy Selekane – Motivational Leadership CSP is the highest designated speaker in Africa, as well as the first South African speaker to speak at the General Assembly (NSA) Convention. Billy is now available through Motivators.

He is an author, an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker as well as a Personal, Team and Organisational Effectiveness Specialist.

Billy Selekane – Motivational Leadership has inspired over 30 million people globally through his bespoke keynotes, seminars, client-centric interventions and his book, ‘From Barefoot to Snake Skin Shoes’.

He is the Executive Chairman of Billy Selekane & Associates – an Action Learning, Strategy Formulation, Team, Organisational Effectiveness and Leadership Development Organisation.

He has associated footprints in Sweden, the UK, the USA, the Middle East, Australia and Singapore, focusing on Personal, Team and Organisational Effectiveness, which he delivers through customised keynotes and ‘client centric interventions’.

Billy Selekane – Motivational Leadership worked in Botswana, Kenya, the USA, the UK, Sweden, Asia and Holland for numerous ‘Fortune 500’ companies such as Pam Golding Properties, the Swedish Institute of Public Administration, Maps UK, Nike South Africa, ADT South Africa, the International Youth Fund, Nokia, the Development Bank of South Africa, 3m Sub-Sahara, Roche Pharmaceuticals and Wesbank (to name a few!).

Billy Selekane – Motivational Leadership is Past President PSASA (Professional Speakers Association of South Africa) and a Life Member of the XL Foundation, a Singapore-based organisation which focuses on entrepreneurship and social upliftment.

2009: Toastmasters – leadership and Communication Award. The Highest Honour bestowed on a Non-Toastmaster.
2011: CSP – Certified Speaking Professional by National Speakers Association of America.
2012: PSASA Hall of Fame – Inducted into the Professional Speakers.
Association of Southern Africa’s Hall of Fame.
2014: EXPY award (Equivalent of an Oscar in the speaking industry).
2014 : Master Mentor Africa ( Motivation category ) by Mentorship Africa.
2014 : Distinguished Tembisan – 1st recipient, given to 30 Tembisa World Changers.

From Barefoot to Snakeskin Shoes

Billy shares principles which have transformed him from being very negative, lazy, and directionless; a victim mentality driven individual to a world renowned motivational speaker, author, businessman, Personal & Team Effectiveness Specialist.

He shares his story with passion, enthusiasm, humour and yet with high content and relevance to a variety of audiences. He has enthralled the youth to Executives from all around the world.

Be a Brand and Matter

There are all kinds of soft drinks, cars, watches and sneakers but those who matter most and have a ‘top of the mind awareness’ are Coca-Cola, BMW, Rolex and Nike.

The reason why they matter is because they are strong brands. Billy shares strategies of transforming oneself from just being one of the employees to being a powerful and distinct brand which captures ‘top of the mind awareness’ in your operational sphere whilst ensuring that you not only get opportunities but that these opportunities come to you – because you are a brand and that makes you matter.

Run it Your Way

As an indigenous Mosotho, a tribe from the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, Billy uses his natural savvy in the understanding of horses and he tells the story of a horse that no one believed could be a winner and its transformational journey to becoming one.

This story is used as an analogue to teach people about their inherent potential on how to discover, nurture and unleash the power within without competing with people around them.

His core message is that this life is your race and you must run it your way, to be able to be, not just a winner, but to find fulfillment in whatever you have chosen to be or to do.

The Transcendental Leadership

Billy uses the story of the boy King Henry V as a lesson to how individuals can transcend from being at the perceived bottom of their game to a place where people around them begin to believe in their leadership ability. It also helps people to master the art of coming from behind and harnessing the power of leadership as a tool to achieving both personal and organisational goals.

Serve and Sell to Win

This presentation has a total bias towards sales people and their managers.

It takes people from being a fly-by-night sales person to being one who understands the principles of being a servant sales person.

This leads to people selling without a tight and cliché sales pitch but rather by understanding and serving their clients, who in return, give them the sale and a win-win is achieved.

Strand up and Deliver

This is an inspirational and business-focused keynote which uses The Phantom of the Opera as a backdrop.

Billy shares the power behind this phenomenon theatrical piece and he interweaves it with current business setups and how leaders and managers can harness International Congruence in the way in which they lead and manage.

He shares current international trends based on his travels and international connections, how professionals are challenged by change and technology.

He looks at business models and how they impact on business growth, team and leadership dynamics.

Awakening the Spirit of Tribal Consciousness

In this fresh, witty, exciting, passionate and application-driven keynote, Billy shares lessons long learned and applies in the times when Africa was at her prime; doing business with the Ming Dynasty from China.

Billy Selekane – Motivational Leadership MC shares simple, yet profound principles which are Afro-centric in origination but have a modern business application in their orientation.

He takes his audience through an amazing journey of discovering the real power and wisdom of Africa and the manner in which tribes were constituted, lead and thrived.

The best transformational speaker and facilitator we have ever worked with, we thank you very much for your contribution to MAPS, you have really inspired change.”
Albert Smith, Managing Director MAPS UK (Motivation and Personal Success)

You are an absolute class act, very well prepared and executed.
Scott Friedman: Past President NSA (NSA Convention, Atlanta Georgia, USA)

Very relevant, factual and absolutely powerful with warmth and humor, a well-deserved standing ovation.
Lindsey Beck: HR Director, Pam Golding Properties (Annual Conference, Sham El Shaik, Egypt)

Truly moved and inspired by your principles, one of Africa’s greatest speaker and gift to change people’s lives and enhance organizational effectiveness.”
Rector Ngobeni: Footwear Director, Nike SA.

I have never heard such a powerful speaker, truly inspirational and passionate.”
Dr Teddy Blacher : CEO Cida City Campus

Billy is a true inspiration to our candidates and his dedication is amazing…
Veronica Scheubel: Nokia Finland

Let us acknowledge our prophets while they are still around us, Billy is such and it is truly inspiring to work with him.”
Ntutule Tshenye: CEO Youth Development Trust

Billy is truly a great motivator and inspiration; we were truly challenged and motivated by his talk.
Force Khashane: Editor Drum Magazine

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