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Desiree-Anne Martin – Inspiration is a published author, poet and general word junkie. Desiree-Anne is now available for Change Facilitator or as an Inspirational Speaker through Motivators

She is an addictions and general counselor in private practice, a director of a company, a lecturer on topics around addiction and she runs workshops for adolescents about boundaries, consent, high-risk behavior, emotional regulation and relationships.

Desiree-Anne is a postgraduate student from the University of Cape Town, a wife, full time mother and a part time warrior woman.

She is a recovering addict with over fourteen years of sobriety after having been enslaved to a multitude of addictions including an eating disorder, self-harm and, her rock bottom, an intravenous heroin addict. This led to a life of criminal activity and sex work.

She dabbles in her own unpredictable mood disorder and she is a vocal advocate for mental health issues as well as the destigmatization of these and other taboo issues.

Change Facilitator/ Inspirational Speaker

She self-published a poetry book / journal called ‘believe more deeply’ in April 2018. Her poetry has been featured in print poetry anthologies and on poetry e-zines and websites.

In June 2018, her short story about racial identification as a young girl called ‘Orange, White and Blue’ was published in the Life Righting Collective’s anthology, ‘This is How It Is’, published by Jacana.

In August 2018, Desiree-Anne Martin – Inspiration published her “Searing, Brutal and Breathtaking” (Rehana Rossouw) memoir, ‘We Don’t Talk About It. Ever’ (published by MFBooks JHB/Jacana) which chronicles her life’s struggles which include childhood sexual abuse, family disfunction, addiction, struggles in recovery, toxic relationships and mental health concerns. It is, however, ultimately a story of redemption and hope.

Desiree-Anne is an avid believer in hope and resilience, she will back the underdog at any given chance, and she is dedicated to helping others see that they can take responsibility for their lives and to make lasting changes.

She feels compelled to write and to tell her story, so that her truth may perhaps resonate with someone in a significant way.

Desiree-Anne Martin – Inspiration


Desiree Anne Martin Book



Desiree-Anne Martin is such a dynamic, engaging speaker that we at Cedar House felt incredibly privileged to have at our school assembly on Wednesday, the 10th of April 2019.

Her keynote presentation was so received by our students as the content truly resonated with them. As she shared so openly and honestly about how she has navigated life’s challenges as well as the mental and addiction crisis we face today, our students were made to feel comfortable enough to ask some deep and vulnerable questions.

Desiree has an amazing ability to connect with her audience and to stay connected for the duration of her presentation. Her story was powerful and her authenticity was raw and cut through all economic and social status.

Her drive home message encouraged each and every one of us to embrace our unique story that has molded and shaped us into the person we are today. After her presentation, Desiree made herself available for individual conversations and a chance for our students to experience her sincere kindness.

We genuinely thank her for the gifts and life lessons she shared with us and we look forward to having her speak at Cedar House again soon.”

Simone Sangster, Social Worker, Cedar House Student Wellness Department.

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