In Conversation with Tania Habimana

Hesketh Media chats virtually with Tania Habimana to find out who she is behind the International Speaker and host.

  • What Inspires Tania?
  • Who are her role models
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Tania uses her knowledge and network to support and mentor entrepreneurs all over the continent. Additionally, she is the co-founder of Johannesburg-based, NONZēRO Agency, a purpose-driven marketing agency focussed on enterprise development and impact programs in Africa.
The company is known as the founders of “Threads, stitched by Standard Bank” – the business of fashion accelerator program in South Africa as well as the FASHIONTech™ Africa Conference & Hackathon.

Tania holds a number of public appointments and was recently recognized by the European Commission for her international mobility career and efforts to promote the internationalisation of the youth under the “Erasmus+” program.

She is now the face of the British Council for the Erasmus+ Youth Mobility program and a strong advocate for Pan-African youth mobility, job creation, cross-border enterprise development and the women in tech dialogue.

In 2019, Tania was awarded South Afirca’s Brand Summit – SMME Brand Contributor of the year award for her effrots to develop the SME landscape in South Africa.

Tania was also one of the official Moderators for the launch of the African Union’s African Continental Free Trade Area Launch (AfCFTA) event in Niamey, Niger taking place in July 2019.

In Conversation with Tania Habimana


Needs based Innovation

What happens when a continent skips an era, enters directly into the 4th industrial revolution, having left all of its fundamental needs unresolved? Needs are resolved using innovation & digital technologies.

In this talk, the host of CNBC‘s show Tailored Business – a show that investigates and showcases entrepreneurship across Africa defines what needs-based innovation is (ie innovation born out of a necessity as opposed to a desire to build something „new“) and outlines the best examples.

Tania Habimana’s talk visits the concept of needs-based innovation and its implication on the African continent, from creating a new generation of tech-savvy schoolers to digitally-operated smart cities and institutions.

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